The future of Digital Identity Is User Centric.

Using Self Sovereign Identity Solutions To Build An Inclusive, Secure & Decentralized Identity Infrastructure Atop The Algorand Network.

What FlexID Solutions mean for individuals

FlexID enables individuals to prove who we are online just as easily as we do in the physical world. With even greater privacy, security, and trust.

FlexID no-code web interface..

In just a matter of minutes, you have the ability to create personalized templates, adjust the visual elements to align with your brand, and effortlessly issue or verify credentials, whether it be in-person or from a remote location.

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Meet the FlexID platform

FlexID empowers you to harness the optimal combination of Self Sovereign Identity, Blockchain, and AI technologies. By incorporating document and biometric verifications, trusted data sources, and passive fraud detection signals, you can not only fulfill risk and regulatory obligations but also grant your customers complete ownership over their data. They can effortlessly share their data with anyone, anywhere, on their own terms, while easily substantiating crucial information with a simple tap.

Working Process

Effortlessly incorporate verifiable credentials into your data workflows.


Effortlessly incorporate verifiable credentials into your data workflows.

FlexID Flow

Easily issue and verify credentials using our no-code web app.


Provide customers with an instant-access digital wallet solution.

Satisfied Clients and Partners

We serve clients globally across various industry verticals.

Why FlexID

When partnering with FlexID, you collaborate with the foremost authorities in verifiable credential technology. Our team comprises experts in digital identity, cryptography, privacy, security, and governance, and we have been recognized as a World Economic Forum Technology Pioneer. We have dedicated significant efforts to create inclusive and decentralized identity solutions specifically designed for developing markets.
Our Whatsapp Based Chat Bots are an interface for instituitions and users, coupled with no code solutions for issuing and verifying credentials allows instituitions to build Identity solutions with minimum requirements.

Our WhatsApp Custodial Wallet

In the fully realized world of Self Soverign Identity, credential holders are equipped with capable agents (mobile apps) to help them manage credentials and other SSI interactions. But before we arrive in that world, systems that facilitate the transition from the old model of centralized systems to the new decentralized models will be necessary and useful. Our whitelabel WhatsApp based custodial wallet is one of those systems.

  • Customer

    Her wallet is simply her Whatsapp number. She authenticates by interacting with the FlexID interphase upon request

  • FlexID

    Provides identity storage, exchange, verification, and creation APIs Partners with boards to establish credibility of IDs

  • Instituitions

    Offers the KYC utility to the customer. Accepts Flex ID, issue out IDs whenever users who don't have IDs interacts with them

FlexID Self Sovereign Identity App

The FlexID mobile app is design and made to offer you and your customers, employees, and users an intuitive interface for storing, managing, and sharing their digital credentials. This puts the user in full control of their data, giving them the ability to receive and store verifiable credentials, and to maintain full control over what data is shared and with whom with selective disclosures. The app is designed to protect customer data with cutting-edge privacy features, including zero knowledge proofs as standard, and establish a structured two-way messaging over secure and private channels with different issuers and connections.


Sandton, South Africa